We at VEPL have an excellent team of well experienced and efficient merchandisers who are the effective inter-mediators between the clients and the production unit. They ensure quality on products delivered on time with client satisfaction.


VEPL’s sampling department is a one of its own class. The department is highly equipped to meet the demands of the client’s expectation in workmanship, quality and innovation.

Execution of work is proceeded systematically after each approval received from client.


The process of knitting is carried out at the top of knitting units of Tirupur (a district in south India) on behalf of VEPL. The sourcing units posses the ability to produce 700000 kgs per day of various qualities like jersey, fleece, pique, jacquards, engineered auto stripes and lycra. The also have machines to produce specific requirements of our clients for collars and cuffs with jacquard bird eye.



The processing department consists of slow flow dying and finishing machines imported from Singapore. They are equipped to handle a variety of operations as such single dying, double dying.


Washing techniques such as silicon wash, Bio wash, acid wash, garment wash and Etc., based on client’s requirements.


Our compacting machines ensure a fine and superior finish and maintains the stability of the fabric.


We have unique factory compassing a number of machines which include over-locks, flat-locks, Single needle machines, snap button fasteners, button and button hole machines, plankter and pocket fusing machines, scallping and picatting machines and Etc., our factory is capsized with a production of 10000 pieces per month. The factory is approved by reputed agencies for established compliance requirements.


We have a(1200 rpm) fast machine equipped with state of the art, imported from Singapore and Japan. Capable of 11 colours embroidery with a capacity of 25000 pieces per month.

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We have a completely uncompromised printing units that can print up to 12 colours that are automated, semi-automated, fully computerised MHM and rotary printing machines.

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Finishing & Packing

We have a floor of machines and workers to make the final yet critical task of every order. The finishing and packing unit consist of ironing units, stain removing machines, separate checking and packing staff.